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      We make Baltimore homes safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient, while creating green jobs in the process.

      EnergyReady is a program of Civic Works, a 501(c)3 non-profit and Baltimore’s service corps. The mission of EnergyReady is to provide home improvement services that make a home safer, more comfortable, and more energy efficient, while creating green jobs in Baltimore. Certified by the Building Performance Institute, we offer energy audits, cool roofs, whole house air sealing and insulation services.

      What We Provide

      Home Energy Assessments

      The first step in making your home more energy efficient is to accurately diagnose the sources of energy loss. This is best done with an energy audit performed by one of our highly trained Building Analysts. Using the principles of building science, we treat your house as an integrated system. Rather than merely treating symptoms, like adding insulation to the parts of the house that feel hot or cold, we determine the root causes of energy loss. In fact, treating one symptom can often exacerbate other problems that are hidden from plain sight. Our advanced diagnostic equipment will locate air leaks, determine the effectiveness of your existing insulation, rate the efficiency of your appliances and measure moisture infiltration. After completing the inspection, our Building Analyst will produce a comprehensive report detailing the most cost-effective opportunities for making energy efficiency improvements in your home. We then work with you to prioritize the energy improvements, secure financing and obtain all available utility and government incentives.

      Home Energy Improvements

      Once you decide on a custom set of energy efficiency improvements, we will implement the work ourselves. Our Department of Energy certified professionals will air seal, insulate and create custom solutions that prevent energy loss, improve comfort, and solve any health or safety issues. We also conduct a quality assurance test-out after every retrofit, to make sure your house is performing correctly and safely.

      Cool Roofs

      EnergyReady’s Cool Roof, an Energy Star approved white roofing system lasts longer than traditional tar roofing and deflects the sun’s heat. A cool roof is a white, heat reflective roof system, does not require the disposal of the old tar roof, and significantly reduces heat transfer to the interior of the building thus reducing summertime energy demand. Our professionally trained team installs a built up system of acrylic and roofing fabric that creates a durable and lightweight system, backed with a 10 year warranty.