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    • Cool Roofs

      Using an innovative and well-tested roofing process, we apply an ENERGY STAR approved white roofing system that lasts longer than traditional tar roofing and deflects the sun’s heat.


      What is a “cool roof”?

      The term “cool roof” refers to roofing material with high solar reflectance, and often, high thermal emittance. On a hot summer day, traditional roofs may reach temperatures as high as 190 degrees Fahrenheit, while a cool roof will not reach temperatures above 120 degrees (EPA). The smooth, bright white surface reflects solar radiation and releases a large percentage of absorbed heat, reducing heat transfer to the interior of the building and reducing air conditioning demands.


      How it’s installed

      By applying a layered system of acrylic coatings with an embedded layer of woven synthetic fabric to the existing roof, we repair existing leaks, prevent future leaks (with 10 year warranty) and significantly improve the energy efficiency of the building.

      EnergyReady provides this service to individual homes and businesses.

      Want more information?

      For an estimate or for more information, including details on the roofing materials or process, articles regarding this type of work, or studies confirming the positive effects of cool roofs, contact us at: