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      Getting Started

      Your journey to a more comfortable and energy efficient home begins with our Home Energy Assessment. A Home Energy Assessment is a holistic approach to assessing your home’s needs. Our Building Analysts are certified by the Building Performance Institute to advise you on what home improvements will give you the best outcome and highest level of added comfort. We use building science and innovative technology to locate air-leakage points and thermal exchanges. Although homeowners are usually unaware of this, the average home is leaking so much energy that it’s like leaving a window open all year round. Rooms that get particularly hot or cold during the year are a symptom of air-leakage, which leads to energy leakage. Our goal is to help you make your home more comfortable, and more efficient.



      In Your Home

      The Analyst will be your guide and reintroduce you to your home as an interdependent system. Expect the Analyst to be very thorough and assess your whole home. We encourage you to fully participate in the Energy Assessment process.

      Home Energy Assessments

      To prepare for the Energy Analyst’s visit, think about any existing comfort complaints or other irregularities in your home, such as condensation or excessive drafts. You should also gather at least one year of utility bills. Viewing these provides the analyst with additional insights into your home’s specific energy usage patterns. Our Energy Analyst will ask questions about energy related behaviors. The more information we have to analyze, the more targeted our recommended energy solutions will be.


      After the Assessment

      Once our team has completed your Home Energy Assessment, a member of our staff will provide you with a detailed report. All EnergyReady reports include a priced proposal for services. The Energy Ready Energy Assessment team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding your report and the recommended energy solutions.

      Energy Ready staff is dedicated to caring for you as well as your home.

      We want you to understand what we are doing to your home and how it will make a difference in your life. If our staff locates leaks in the envelope of your home we will show you where they are and explain what we will do to fix them. If other health-related or structural issues are found, our staff will give you a comprehensive understanding of the issue, and a detailed explanation of your options. We are not only interested in the health of your home; we are interested in the health and happiness of the family that makes it a home.

      Schedule your Home Energy Assessment or call us today at (410) 929-6122

      You will:

      Save on your energy bills

      Be more comfortable in your home

      Have potential risks to your families’ health assessed and eliminated 

      Be eligible for tax rebates and incentives


      Schedule an Assessment